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Want to Wholesale Jewelry from China? You Need to Read This First

Jewelry accessory is one of the top 10 best products to import from China, because of the advantages of high value, small volume, low shipping cost, and high profit. Wholesale Jewelry from China is one kind of trending.

In today’s article, we will learn:

  • Which kind of fashion jewelry you can wholesale from China?
  • How to make custom jewelry?
  • How to find China jewelry factory?
  • Where to buy cheap jewelry from China?
  • Certificate and test of jewelry accessories


1, Which kind of fashion jewelry you can wholesale from China?

The jewelry types you can find in this category include earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, headband, pendants, charms... and many more.

Below are the materials from which China jewelry manufacturers make their jewelry:

  • Silver (S925)
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium

With different decoration, like fabrics, leather, pearls, natural stones, seashell, wood, beads, zircon, Swarovski stone, crystals, glass, cat eyes, resin, rhinestones…

Such a wide range of materials, decorations, and accessories offer a variety of options for making jewelry. So, we can always buy different designs and pattern jewelry in the market.

Note: the gold jewelry is not allowed to import from China at present, (gold jewelry means jewelry with gold material, you can import gold plated jewelry without any problem)


2, How to make custom jewelry?

jewellery gems designing

Most large and medium-sized Jewelry factories have their own designers. These designers will use current popular fashion style or international fashion brands style as a reference, add their own ideas and modifications, create new styles, and then recommend them to customers. If no confidentiality agreement is signed with their customers, they will also introduce the existing customer's finished order style to other importers.

Jewelry Showroom

This is the showroom of one jewelry factory in which we cooperate.

So you can choose their existing style, or add the modifications or logos which you want, make your own custom jewelry.

For small jewelry factories, they usually don’t hire a designer. They take orders from trading companies, then you need to provide samples and artwork to them if you cooperate with this kind of manufacturer.

Zinc alloy products factory

This is one small jewelry and accessories factory in which Bling sourcing cooperate, they mainly produce zinc alloy accessories and jewelry.

For example, one of my Chilean brand customers, she comes to China twice a year, every time she goes to the Guangzhou wholesale market about three days, for knowing the trend fashion and buying a lot of samples there, such as jewelry, handbags, belts, materials, etc., we will also visit different factory to select some new styles, , and we will make modify and develop new styles, then send to our cooperated factory for making samples.


3, How to find a China jewelry factory?

Most China jewelry factories are located in the following areas:
1, Guangzhou city (Panyu area): Sterling silver Jewelry
2, Dongguan city: stainless steel, silver, zinc alloy jewelry
3, Shenzhen city: Silver jewelry
3, Yiwu city: zinc alloy jewelry
4, Qingdao city: Korean style jewelry

Tips: most jewelry factories and china jewelry manufacturers specialize in just one jewelry accessory category each. (one kind of material which I list above)

You can find jewelry factory in three-way:
3.1, Search from the Internet
Website: Such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China,
related article: How To Find Good Suppliers In Alibaba?[Complete Guide]

3.2, Attend the exhibition/Fair
You can also find China jewelry suppliers through a large jewelry fair. such as the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show(ASIA’S Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair), HongKong Global Sources Fair, and Canton Fair.

Attending these fairs, you can not only find all kinds of jewelry suppliers but also know the latest design trends for each year

My article about Canton Fair: Participate In 2019 Canton Fair: The Complete Guide

3.3, Cooperate with professional China Sourcing agent
The professional China Sourcing/purchasing agent is familiar with the products what you need, and normally they focused on certain field. They have full experience of price negotiation, sample development, production follow-up, quality control, and goods shipping. They will handle the whole procurement work in China on your behalf, providing one-stop service.
Bling Sourcing can be a good partner that makes your import jewelry from China more safe and easy and saves you a lot of money and time. Click here to contact us.

4, Where to buy small quantities and cheap jewelry from China?

Now, you just want to purchase a small quantity of each model, for example, two dozen of each design. For this small quantity, most factories will not take this order, then you can visit the China jewelry wholesale market.
There are mainly three Jewelry wholesale markets in China.

4.1. Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Market
Guangzhou wholesale market is the biggest jewelry wholesale market in China. From there, you can find the most fashionable, the most popular, the most complete and the best quality jewelry accessories. Jewelry wholesalers from other cities of China usually visit Guangzhou to buy the new styles.

jewelry wholesale market

Here list some Guangzhou jewelry wholesale market:
South-China International Commodity city: all kinds of jewelry, from cheap to expensive style.
Guangzhou Beijing Building: middle and high-quality jewelry accessories.
Taikang Road Jewelry Market: deal in imitation jewelry, for low-middle quality jewelry, with cheap price.
Liwan Plaza: deal in natural stone and crystal jewelry and all kinds of jewelry accessories
Xijiao Building: Stainless steel jewelry, such as the popular Figaro chain can be found here.
Hualin jade street: all kinds of jade jewelry

4.2. Qingdao Jewelry wholesale Market
Qingdao is very close to Korea. Lots of Korean jewelry companies build factories there, and mainly sell Korean style jewelry and jewelry accessories, and the quality is normally high.

Two main markets: Sino-Korea International Commodities market and Jimo Small Commodities market.

4.3. Yiwu small commodity wholesale Market
Actually Yiwu wholesale market sells all kinds of small commodities like a pen, socks, Christmas gift...Jewelry accessories are one kind of product which also can found there.

Yiwu’s jewelry products can be sold at a very cheap price, but the quality is also relatively poor. Most styles and designs are imitative.

Tips: From the wholesale market, You may find some in-stock jewelry which sells at very cheap price, these jewelry pieces may be leftover products, customized products that were abandoned by customers, etc. if the style and quality are matched with your requirement, then you can't miss it.


5. Certificate and test of jewelry accessories

Most jewelry accessories will direct contact with the human skin, there are countries and regions that have rules for jewelry importation. So, it is quite essential that importers do some compliance tests when importing jewelry accessories from China.

Before talking about the jewelry certificate and test, let’s have a look at the common problems/defective of Jewelry production:

  • Broken Chain or Link
  • Worn Metal – happen on jewelry made from stainless steel, silver, and alloy.
  • Easily Causes Allergies – may include excessive amounts of nickel, lead, and cadmium.
  • Inappropriate Electroplating – Common problems include cracking, dull and hazy deposits in the plating, blistering, and oxidation.
  • Stone Falling– This problem is common with jewelry decorated with stone/pearl/glass...It might occur as a result of glue quality or careless handwork.
  • Wrong Stone putting – because of a wrong instruction or misunderstanding before production.

The tests of Jewelry accessories are divided into two parts: physical and chemical testing.
The physical test includes colorfastness, tensile test, sharp point, edges, etc. While the chemical test mainly deals with the content and thickness of hazardous chemical substances, such as lead, cadmium, and nickel.

jewelry test report

Above the test report of jewelry (necklace and earing) form one of our customers.

At the end of the article, I would like to say, Jewelry is really a magic accessory, I could go shopping with the customer at the Guangzhou wholesale market for the whole day and don’t feel tired…
Hope this article helps you a lot in import jewelry from China. If there is any question, you can tell me about it. I’d love to hear from you and I will reply as soon as possible.

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