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What does “Made in PRC” mean?

The label "Made in PRC" has become popular in recent years. You can see this logo on all kinds of clothes, electronics, and some industrial equipment. Some people know what this abbreviation stands for, and some even find explanations of “Made in PRC”, but there are still many people who are not sure which country this product with this symbol comes from.

PRC means People's Republic of China.

So, Made in PRC = Made in People's Republic of China = Made in China

Are you surprised? But that's the truth!

made in prc


1. Why use “Made in PRC” instead of directly using the popular “Made in China”?

The first and most important reason for changing your trademark is to sell your product better.
For a long time, all products made in China were immediately considered to be inferior products. Even well-known brand names or manufacturing plant names cannot change this stereotype.

Since 2014, China has actually become a world leader in export and manufacturing industry results. In the past 30 years, in order to reduce the original cost of goods, many production companies have actually moved from Europe or the United States and Japan to China. This includes most of the Fortune 500 companies, such as Apple, Dell, Nike, Nestlé, Siemens, Sony, etc.

The second reason for changing the trademark: the logo is an abbreviation for the official name of the country.
You know, China is not an official name. Hong Kong or Macau, for example, have different official names. The official name of Hong Kong is "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China", and if it refers to Macau, it is "Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China". Does anyone use these names? Of course not, because no one uses this complicated name in everyday conversations.


2. Why are most products made in PRC?

Labor is relatively cheap-but this has begun to change. China has a large population and competition has been fierce-but as living standards improve, inevitable labor costs will rise

China manufacture

Logistics is great. China has many airports, railways and seaports used to transport cargo. The speed of China's infrastructure expansion has begun to slow, but with the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, China is seeking to improve the logistics of its neighbors, thereby making it easier to import and export goods.

Political stability-At least for the past 20 years, companies have been relatively less afraid of investing in China. Maybe labor resources are cheaper elsewhere, but China has less risk and uncertainty than a country with a weak government.

Experience and know-how-Historically, China has a wealth of experience in producing cheap, low-cost goods. China has now improved, and they now produce many electronic products and commodities in the world.

Cost of change-The cost of change is high. Even if other countries offer production costs and tax advantages, it is still not cheap to completely move the business elsewhere.


3. Why are some products made in China of poor quality?

In this country, you can find many products of the same style, but their prices may differ by 2-10 times. The main reason is that the manufacturing materials or important internal parts are completely different.

Immoral sellers buy third-rate goods and sell them at their original price. Obviously, these items will not serve you for a long time. Buyers were unaware of the cheating and blamed the "Made in China" label.

bad vs good quality products

Sometimes Chinese sellers can also cheat. For example, dealers can order high-quality expensive goods and replace them with fakes. In this case, it is the customer who bears the actual loss again. Sellers do not want to lose money, so they sell counterfeit goods labeled "Made in PRC" at their original prices.

So purchasing products in China is also a complicated headache. The best advice is to find a reliable sourcing agent in China. They can help you distinguish the quality of the product and help you quickly ship the goods to your country.

If you are importing from China and want to find high-quality products made in PRC, please contact us!

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