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Want More Money? Start Wholesale Belts from China(2019)

The designer said a look is not complete if you don’t have a nice belt. Belts have become an indispensable part of the fashion world. And, more and more importers choose to wholesale belts from China.
In today's article, you will learn:

  • Which kind of belts you can wholesale from China?
  • Attention the big traps in choosing materials for belts
  • Wholesale belts buckle, is that workable?
  • How to make custom leather belts?
  • Important details that you should know about fashion belts.
  • How to find belts manufacturers in China?

Without further ado, let’s jump inside.

1, Main material of belts

Generally, there are 7 kinds of fashion belts which you can buy from China:

1.1, First layer leather belts, also named genuine leather belts, real leather belts
Advantages: as natural skin, especially cow leather, it is the best choice, can make a variety of styles, its toughness is good, with high quality.

Disadvantages: expensive, easy to change shape after using, will fade slightly. Once soaking, it will get hard, and then it will crack (all real Leather belts cannot be washed or long-term soaked).

1.2, Second layer cowhide belts, also named split leather belts
Advantage: as a kind of leather belt, the price is a little cheaper, generally made of casual belts, can also show its high quality. Its toughness is slightly inferior to the top layer leather.

Disadvantage: if the finishing is not smooth, it is easy to fade. So it is not suitable to use on light color clothing.

Pro tips: Many belts manufacturers/suppliers on Alibaba or somewhere else, they regard split leather belts as real leather belts, this is not a fault. But as a buyer, we should know that split leather belts do not equal to top leather belts, it's two different kinds of material, the price is also big differences.

1.3, Belts with PU /PVC material, also called artificial leather belts, faux leather belts
Advantage: the biggest advantage is that the price is low, the colors are bright and diverse, and the styles are various.
Disadvantage: the toughness is very poor, generally last with 6 months to 1 year.

1.4, Recycled leather belts
Recycled leather is mainly made from various obsolete materials. Generally used as a belt sandwich (middle part), a small part of the better quality is used for belts (surface), especially for processing braided belts.

1.5, Cotton, Polyester, Canvas, Elastic belts
Normally used for casual belts.

1.6, Metal chain belts
1.7, Silicone belt or PVC belts

The belts strip can produce with braided, printing, embroidery, with different decoration like metals/ rivet /eyelets/ rhinestone…

Wholesale belts

2, Wholesale belts buckle

There are belts that finish with a button, with reversible buckle or only in one size and you can cut it to fit your waist. It means you can also change with different buckles. That's why sometimes we also need wholesale belts to buckle. Let’s have a look at which kind of belts buckle you can import from China.

Fixed Pin Buckle:
also include two special buckles, buckle with clip (sometimes is also separate);
Adjustable interchangeable buckle belongs to the pin buckle, also named reversible buckle.

Fixed Pin reversible buckle

normal pin                               buckle with clip                                  reversible buckle


Flat buckle:
include one special buckle: two-joint buckle

Wholesale belts buckle

flat buckle                                                                   two-joint buckle

Automatic buckle:
when use automatic buckle, must stitching automatic teeth rack on the backside of the belts.

Automatic buckle

The raw materials of belts Buckle mainly include:
Zinc alloy: The most commonly used material for belt buckles, which is obtained by melting the zinc alloy through an injection molding machine, casting it with a mold, and then processing it through various post-polishing processes.

Can be processed with different plating color and effect, such as nickel/silver, gold, rose gold, old silver, gun, old bronze, brushed …different effect such as mold casting with customize logo, with resin, with rhinestone decoration.
Copper: copper buckles can get better gloss, feel and durability, but the cost is relatively high.
Iron: the surface finishing is not nice, and it is often used in low-middle end belts ( For cheap belts) or promotional belts.

3, How to make Custom leather Belts?

Some importers select belts from the ones already produced by the factory. However, more successful and experienced importers or brand suppliers will custom belts, like custom leather belts, custom championship belts. They make their personalized belts, be unique from many of their competitors.

Importers usually have these changes on the belts:

  • Change to different belts buckle, normally belts factory has more than thousands of different width and shape buckle for your choose.
  • Mold your logo on the buckle. You can send your design to the factory and let them open the mold with your logo or design, normally this will charge the mold fee about $150 -$300.
  • Change the material of the belts' strips.
  • Different design and making a way of the belts strips

Tips: Almost all Chinese belts manufacturers have a minimum order quantity for making a new mold of the belts buckle, for personalized belts and custom belts also have MOQ request.

4, Important details that You Should Know About Fashion Belts

Here are four important details that you should know when you wholesale belts from China.
4.1, Belts size
Most China belts manufacturers will produce belts according to your request, so, you need to know the belts size chart. One example as the following: the length from the start to the middle hole of the strips, the length of the belts strip.

belt size chart

Most buyers will make more than 10 different styles for one purchase order, or even more. Please pay attention to some special style: like the style with elastic, you need to reduce the length accordingly.

4.2, Painting on Belts edge

Normally the color of painting for belts edge matches with belts stripes color, can also change to other colors which you prefer.
No matter what color it is, it must be smooth, with right consistency (can’t be too thin or too thick), especially on the tip and loops part.

Personalized-fashion Belts
4.3, the connection part of Belts strips
the connect of belt buckle and strips, can be done with rivet or stitching, when do with stitching for connection part, you need to pay attention: except the normally stitching, you can stitch add with “x”.

Wholesale belts-1

4.4, Buckle and the metal accessories for the belts
About the gold plating buckles, we always need to choose a color standard to follow, because there are many different kinds of gold plating color.
Buckles/metals with rhinestone or resin, pay attention to the adhesion of rhinestone.

Wholesale belts buckle-1

5, How to Find Belts Manufacturers or suppliers in China?

Most Leather belts manufacturers are in Guangdong Province, especially in Guangzhou or Dongguan city, and for PU and split leather belts, most of these manufacturers are found in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province. In both locations have fashion belts manufacturers.

If you want to custom belts according to your ideas, find a reliable belts manufacturer is very important.
You can find belts manufacturers through the following way:

5.1, From the website or some famous B2B platform, like Alibaba, made-in-China
No matter you want wholesale men's belts, wholesale belts buckle, or custom belts, you can always get thousands of belts suppliers contacts.

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5.2, Come to China to participate in some exhibitions:
From where you can communicate face-to-face with them and choose a supplier that is most suitable for you.
You can find belts manufacturers or suppliers from fairs, like the Canton Fair or East China Import and Export Commodity Fair.

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5.3, Go to the wholesale market:
Talking about the wholesale market, then you must go to Guangzhou wholesale market, there always have cheap belts wholesale, cheap designer belts wholesale, and all kinds of artificial leather belts wholesale.

5.4, Cooperate with professional China sourcing agent:
As a professional china sourcing agent, Bling Sourcing has full experience in fashion products, they can easily understand your requirements such as you want wholesale designer belts and help you from sourcing the most suitable factory and find good quality products at reasonable prices, make sample development, the production follows up and quality control to goods shipping.


Importing Chinese products is a trend. For getting more profits, you must conduct proper research, import the correct products, and cooperate with the correct China supplier.

If you’ve covered all of these, you will be in a great situation to enjoy the advantages of wholesale belts and wholesale belts buckle from China.

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