top 15 China sourcing agent

Top 15 China Sourcing Agent

More and more importers choose the services of a professional sourcing agent (purchasing agent), who handles the whole process of importing from China to your country.

Sourcing agent based in China can help you with:

  • Find China manufacturers with competitive price and good quality
  • Production follow-up
  • Quality Control
  • Reduce your risk of importing from China

therefore, they can help you save huge time and money.

Here is a list of the top 15 professional China sourcing agent that can help your business:

China sourcing agent

1, Bling Sourcing
Bling sourcing company is a professional China purchasing agent located in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Dongguan city is one of the biggest bases of China's manufacturing cluster.


  • The most professional purchasing agent in the fashion industry, which includes: shoes, bags, luggage, wallets, belts, caps, and all kinds of fashion accessories.
  • Good at brand supply chain management, customized mass production, very low-cost price
  • Familiar with the Latin American market, can communicate both in English and Spanish.
  • Main Market: US, Latin America, Spanish

Recommended for: Small-medium businesses, fashion brand buyers, and importers who want to create their own brand.

2, Lazpanda
Lazpanda is one of the best China sourcing agent located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province. They have a young sourcing team to help their clients source different products in China.


  • good at sourcing Electronic products, outdoor& sports products
  • provide Amazon private label services, including sourcing, labeling, shipping to FBA.
  • located in Shenzhen city, where have the biggest electronic wholesale market

Recommended for: importers who want to purchase electronic and sports products from China.

3, Leeline Sourcing
Leeline sourcing is another good sourcing agent China located in Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province. They are Committed to Sourcing High-Quality Products With a Best Possible Cost via a Complete Transparent Process!


  • Cooperate with a lot Amazon sellers, provide FBA Sourcing China services
  • Located in Shenzhen city, where have the biggest electronic wholesale market

Recommended for: Amazon sellers who looking for China purchasing services, especially when your products are made in Shenzhen

4, Sourcing Bro
If you want Sourcing electronic products in Shenzhen city, then, Sourcingbro is another Chinese sourcing agent for your option, the ower Jacky is quite familiar with Shenzhen Huaqiangbei electronics wholesale market.

  • Main products: Electronic products
  • Main Market: US, Australia

Recommended for: for buyers who want to buy electronic products from China.

5, China Sourcelink
China SourceLink is one of the leading China product sourcing agent based in Los Angeles, offering premium sourcing, prototyping, and manufacturing services in China! they have offices both in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


  • Good at sourcing products like Building materials, led lights,
  • main market: US

Recommended for: US companies that are planning to outsource manufacturing to China, especially for the building materials and led lights.

6, Foshan Sourcing
Foshan Sourcing is a professional China purchasing agent in Foshan city, Guangdong Province, China.


  • Good at sourcing building materials, like furniture, tile, light, sanitary ware
  • Provide Chinese warehouse service
  • Located in Foshan city, where have the biggest furniture wholesale market

Recommended for: importers who want to purchase the building materials

7, Riwick
Riwick is another product sourcing agent in Foshan city, Guangdong Province.


  • focus on sourcing furniture and home decoration products
  • located in Foshan city, where have the biggest furniture wholesale market

Recommended for: individual homeowners, and those who try to source products from Foshan city.

8, Asiaction Sourcing
Asiaction Sourcing is a French-owned procurement agency based in Guangzhou, China.


  • worked on promotional items, printed material, electronics, home commodities, office items
  • Located in Guangzhou city, where have the biggest China wholesale markets

Recommended for: importers looking for an established partner in China.

9, Jing Sourcing
Jing sourcing company is one of the leading China sourcing agent which based in Yiwu, Zhejiang, where has the famous small commodity wholesale market, Yiwu wholesale market.


  • Cooperate with a lot Amazon sellers
  • Provide Chinese warehouse service
  • Main market: U.S.
  • Close to Yiwu wholesale market

Recommended for: Small businesses and Amazon sellers looking for affordable sourcing and production services, especially when your products are made in Yiwu area

10, Bina Agent
Bina agent, got large support from thousand of superior suppliers based on Yiwu market., hundreds of manufacturers all over China.


  • Main sourcing products: Household appliance,
  • Provide Chinese warehouse service
  • main market: Romania
  • Close to Yiwu wholesale market

Recommended for: Medium and Small businesses from Romania, and those importers who want wholesale products from Yiwu market.

11, JS Sourcing
JS Sourcing is a sourcing and purchasing company which located in Shanghai.


  • Main sourcing products include Industrial parts and Equipment, Construction products, Renewable and clean energy
  • offer clients a comprehensive range of customized services

Recommended for: smaller businesses (SMEs), independent entrepreneurs, and innovators who come to China to turn their ideas and plans into a product.

12, Dragon sourcing
Dragon Sourcing is an emerging market sourcing company that is one of the best in providing sourcing and procurement services all over the world. have their China office in Shanghai City.

It's the biggest Sourcing company on our list, they have offices in Europe (France, Turkey, Spain…) North and South America (USA, Brazil…) Asia, Africa (Kenya) and office in Saudi Arabia.


  • offer sourcing services in China and Vietnam.
  • source a wide range of product

Recommended for: medium and large businesses who want to work with a well recognized global sourcing company with a large network of suppliers.

13, China purchasing agent
China purchasing Agent based in Yiwu and Shenzhen, which help buy products, shipping, and import from China, Alibaba,1688, Taobao to Amazon FBA, USA, UK


  • Offer complete service for Amazon Sellers, including customized packaging, Amazon label, FBA Shipping
  • Have office both in Yiwu and Shenzhen

Recommended for: It’s another option for Amazon, eBay and e-commerce sellers who want to import from China.

14, B2C sourcing
If you are looking for a Ningbo purchasing agent, then B2C sourcing is a nice choice for you.


  • Provide FBA Prep service
  • Focus on online selling platforms from Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

Recommended for: Small Business Owners, it’s a China Based Sourcing company.

15, GHL Sourcing
GHL Sourcing is created by Huw, he is well versed in plastic manufacturing and is familiar with the different techniques. GHL Sourcing company is based in the UK and has a Chinese office in Xiamen city.


  • helping UK SME’s scale up their businesses and increase their profit margins
  • main market: UK

Recommended for: a small business starter of the UK buyers who want to import from China, especially on the products like plastic.


I hope this article can help you find your correct China sourcing agent (China purchasing agent), who helps you do great successful in importing from China! What’s more, China sourcing agent fees are very transparent, for most company.

Should you have any question about finding China purchasing agent, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below, we will try our best to help you.

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