top 10 rain boots brands

Top 10 Rain Boots Brands

Nothing can put a damper on your style as much as rain can. Imagine getting ready for some event or a date. Your dress looks amazing, your makeup looks good as well and then it suddenly rains. You cannot put on your favorite pair of high heels in such a situation. You have to consider taking out your rain boots that do not look as good as your high heels- a total disaster, right?

Rain boots, also known as Wellington boots, made their debut in the 19th century. The first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, wore these boots and it became a statement symbol of fashion amongst Englishmen.

Rain boots have been loved equally by men and women because of their convenience. However, they can be unpleasant sometimes because of their bulky and heavy appearance.

Many women and men avoid wearing rain boots when it is raining outside when they have to attend a party or an event. However, just because it is pouring outside does not mean you cannot look good. Rain boots have been revolutionized over the past few years and are worn as a fashion accessory by most men and women.

You do not have to hide the modern rain boots anymore as they look adorable yet chic because of their stylish appearance, vibrant colors, and attractive shapes.

We have discussed below some of the best brands for rain boots that are going to make you wear them even when it is not raining outside.



Hunter boots are the oldest and the most famous rain boots that have reigned the fashion industry ever since they came into being. These boots are loved equally by men and women for their amazing functionality as well as overall aesthetics. They are made up of hard rubber and not synthetic materials.
The boots made from synthetic materials are prone to damage and do not last long during harsh weather. On the other hand, rubber-based rain boots can endure pretty much everything except oils and petroleum. These boots are resistant to damage and will last very long.

hunter rain boots

Hunter tall rain boots for women: about $150 / pair

Hunter boots usually come in full size. For petite women, it is better to choose children’s size as it will save you money and you will not have to struggle with it not fitting you properly. They are available in two styles-tall and short. You can pick the one according to your needs. There are various color options for these boots as well.

The vibrant colors of the boots will add an instant pop of color into your personality and you will not have to worry about looking old fashioned while wearing them. They are also perfect for traveling as they can be folded easily and placed wherever you want. If you are an individual who cannot compromise on the quality of your products and can invest in high-quality products, then these rain boots are perfect for you.



These rain boots are made up of natural rubber extracted from the rubber trees. They are handmade in France. The rubber of the boots is extremely soft and provides maximum comfort. The Aigle Parcours 2 is famous because of its extremely good quality and convenience.

AIGLE rain boots

Aigle Women’s rubber rain boots: about $199 / pair

These boots offer several features that make them unique from other rain boots. Their ankle is a little narrow that offers maximum support when you are walking. This feature makes it cute as well as convenient. It is made up of four layers of natural rubber that make it very sturdy and shock-resistant.

These boots come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You can rock these shoes with any outfit you want because of their unique designs and colors. They are also available at different price options. Therefore, they can fit any budget. How convenient!



Rockfish rain boots are manufactured in Cornwall and are hand-made from excellent quality rubber. Their internal lining is made up of neoprene so it can insulate to -40 degrees. Therefore, if you live in a cold area, these boots are for you. They feature air mesh technology that wicks moisture away from the feet. Its midsole is made up of tough rubber that makes it easier to walk on uneven terrain.

rockfish rain boots

Rockfish Women’s rubber rain boots: about $110/ pair

This brand is known for its two-toned zipper boots that allow enough room for stockings. If you are wearing a mini skirt or a mini dress, you can rock the look by wearing stockings under these gorgeous boots. The boots look extremely fashionable. They also give maximum comfort and convenience to its users.



It is a high-end brand that offers a wide variety of rain boots that are famous for their exceptional quality. If you are ready to pour out some money in exchange for an excellent quality product, then you should choose from Le Chameau’s wide variety of boots.

le chameau rain shoes

Le Chameau rubber rain boots for women: about $240 / pair

The boots are made up of high-quality rubber that is tear as well as stain-resistant. They are very comfortable to wear and are perfect for use when you are traveling as they can be folded and placed anywhere you want. The inner lining can resist heat as well as cold. Therefore, they can be worn in any season of the year.
This brand does not offer a wide range of vibrant colors for boots. Almost all boots are neutral or brown colored. Therefore, if you are an individual with classy and love vintage stuff, you should go for Le Chameau’s classic rain boots.


5. UGG

Uggs are back in fashion and we are loving it. The classic Australian uggs were considered fashionable in the seventies and they are back in fashion again. These boots look extremely adorable yet practical at the same time.

ugg rain boots

UGG middle rain boots for women: about $70 / pair

The boots created by this brand are popular all over the world because of their attractive appearance as well as convenience. They are perfect for wearing in extremely cold weather as they protect the feet from getting frostbite. The Ugg brand offers a wide range of boots to choose from for both men and women. They are loved equally by both genders.



CROCS provides some of the most affordable yet effective and fashionable rain boots. Their quality is very good. They are extremely lightweight and will not weigh your feet down while walking. These boots are heat and cold resistant. They are also water-resistant. You can wear them during any season.

rain boots crocs

CROCS low cut rain boots: about $50 / pair

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and are loved equally by both men and women. Women are more inclines to their ankle-length designs. This brand offers vibrant and bright colored boots that will add color to your whole look instantly while giving you maximum comfort.



MELISSA offers some of the most stylish and adorable looking boots for women. The boots are quite expensive. However, they offer amazing quality.

melissa shoes

Melissa rain boots for women: about $33-100 / pair

This brand creates some of the shiniest rain boots. Such boots are a rare sight. The attractive, shiny and sparkly rain boots can be worn anywhere you want. This brand offers an ankle as well as knee-high boots. It gives special attention to women who are small and the boots are designed according to their size.
Apart from being fashionable, these boots are extremely comfortable convenient as well. If you want to invest in a cute, feminine and fashionable pair of good quality rain boots, then these boots are perfect for your needs.



This extremely affordable brand is known for its printed rain boots for men, women, and kids. Joules‘ unique printed and colored boots are popular all around the World.

Joules rain boots

Joules tall rain boots for women: about $80 / pair

The boots are attractive and noticeable because of their bright colors and unique patterns. These boots attract especially the teenage community that wants to look different and fashionable.
These boots are not only fashionable but convenient and comfortable as well. They are handicraft, hand painted and made up of hard rubber that makes them tear and stain-resistant. They offer maximum comfort and support as well as look extremely attractive and noticeable.



This high-end brand is popular for its lace-up rain boots. Ilse Jacobsen boots look quite attractive and unique because of their overall design. They offer ankle as well as high boots for your individual needs.

ilse jacobsen

Ilse Jacobsen rain boots for women: about $180 / pair

Made up of natural rubber, these boots provide maximum comfort as well as support. They are perfect for wearing when it is raining outside as they will keep your feet dry and make you walk comfortably on any kind of terrain.
The laces look quite attractive and are adjustable according to the size of your calves. Both men and women can rock these boots.


Lemon Jelly creates rain boots for women and kids only. It offers a variety of trendy boots that are loved by women. The feminine designs and colors of the boots this brand creates are unmatchable.

lemon jelly boots

Lemon Jelly PVC ankle boots for women: about $80 / pair

Lemon jelly offers high as well as ankle boots. The boots come in a variety of finishes like velvety, glittery, matte and shiny. Apart from looking trendy and fashionable, these boots are extremely comfortable to wear. They can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are water-resistant and are warmly lined, which means that they will keep your feet dry as well as warm. These boots are going to make you look trendy and cozy because of their amazing features.



Whether it is day or night, raining or snowing, the rain boots have you covered with their amazing features. We have mentioned above some of the best brands for fashion rain boots that are going to make you look fashionable, chic and elegant while giving you maximum comfort.

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