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Rain boots are the most needed products in addition to umbrellas during the rainy season. Nowadays, rain boots, especially women's rain shoes are no longer traditional style which is heavy and ugly, it has become a fashion series.

China is the main exporter of rain boots around the world.  Many brands rain boots such as Hunter, Aigle, Tommy Hilfiger, UGG, etc. are produced in China. Many sellers choose to import rain boots from China, due to the cheap price and stylish design, and get more competitiveness and profit.

This is a complete guide that will introduce you everything you need to know to wholesale fashion rain boots from China.

Chapter 1: Different material and types of Rain Boots you can import from China.

If you are considering purchasing rain boots from China, it is important to understand your choice because there are different material and types of rain boots on the market.
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, rain boots are a no longer traditional style. Nowadays there are some different materials and unique designs for adults and children, as well as people in different fields of work.

[Different material] Rain boots can be divided into Rubber, PVC, EVA according to the material.

Rubber rain boots:
Lady rubber rain boots
Advantages: Soft and comfortable to wear. Softness and breathability are preferred over PVC rain boots. Insulation and corrosion resistance is better, and the slip resistance is higher than other materials.
Disadvantages: Expensive. The rubber material is by die casting mold, the production efficiency is relatively low, the appearance of the finished product is rough, and the process is difficult to control the detail.

PVC rain boots:
Lady PVC rain boots
Advantages: PVC rain boots are made by injection molding, with high production efficiency and easy control of the production process, lighter than rubber rain boots, the appearance looks better. The most important, the price is cheaper. (we can see from the above data that PVC rain boots export much more quantity than Rubber rain boots)
Disadvantages: poor Insulation and corrosion resistance.
Note: PVC rain boots are soft in summer and hard in winter.

EVA rain boots:
EVA rain boots
Advantages: Lightweight (Lightest among the three material)
Disadvantages: Most style normally only with black color, don’t have too much color or style to choose. Monotonous and no-fashion, relatively poor at anti-slip function.
Note: Make sure to add a non-slip base on the outsole when you purchase EVA rain boots.

[Different types] Rain boots can easily be categorized by shaft height: ankle-height, mid-calf, and tall
Ankle-high rain boots: around the ankles or slightly above the ankles with a height (less than 9 inches), like women Chelsea rain boots, Converse-style Rain Boots, Duck Boots.Chelsea rain boots

Mid-Calf rain boots: typical measure 10-14 inches from the ground, like UGG Rainboots, Rivet Rain boots.Rivet Rain boots-1

Knee-high rain boots: Normally 14-16 inches in height, like Hunter WelliesMon-Kids Hunter boots

[Rain boots by age/gender]:

Baby rain boots

Children's rain boots (boys rain boots, girls rain boots)

Children rain boots

Adult rain boots (rain shoes for women, men's rain boots)

There are also some special rain boots like rubber fishing boots, safety rain boots.

Chapter 2: How to customize rain boots?

The benefits of customizing rain boots
• Customize your exclusive logo and build a brand image
• Can be used as a promotional tool
• Can be used as a gift, increase the relationship between the company and the recipient
For example: When the rainy season comes, you need to give gifts to your customers. Customized rain boots are the perfect gift, not only increase the relationship between the company and the recipient but also can be used as a promotional tool. When your rain boot is worn on by them, they will promote your brand without your knowledge.
Now, let’s continue reading, how to customize your own rain boots?
The same style rain boots (note: there are many different styles such as flat boots, rain boots with heels-wedge heel rain boots)
1)Make different fixed colors (such as black, red, yellow, purple, grey rain boots, etc)
2) Or make with the hottest transparent rain boots (only PVC rain boots can be done)
Transparent Rain Boots
3) Different printing/pattern: such as glitter rain boots, women's lace-up rain boots, floral rain boots, leopard rain boots, Scottish plaids rain boots, polka dot rain boots and patterns of snake (EVA rain boots are not available)
Same style rain boots with different printing

In addition, there are bows, ties, buckles, rivets and other decorations. Such as totes rain boots, rain boots with fur.
Custom Logo: Usually will put a small piece of your own logo (PVC or rubber material) that can be placed in front, side or back of the shoe, or even on the outsole.

Chapter 3: What are the packaging requirements for rain boots?

Normal packing: one pair within one polybag, 12 or 24 pairs per Carton.normal packing of rain boots

Several different packaging methods:
1, plastic bag packaging: In addition to ordinary plastic bag packaging, you can also customize your own logo/design on plastic bag. Following the picture, on the production line, the workers are packing the rain boots with customer designed bags.
Customize bags for packing rain boots

2, box packaging: same as above, to make your rain boots more unique.
Notice: when you use the box to pack the rain boots, the cubage will also be bigger than with plastic packing.
Customize Box for packing rain boots

3, non-woven packaging

Drawstring non-woven bags for rain boots

Chapter 4: How to find China Wholesale Rain Boots Factory?

1, Search from the Internet
Website: Such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, for more details you can visit my blog article, I hope to help you.
How To Find Good Suppliers In Alibaba?[Complete Guide]

2, Attend the exhibition/Fair
Canton Fair: For more details, please visit my article about the Canton Fair, it is suitable for every year.
Participate In 2019 Canton Fair: The Complete Guide
Or some professional footwear Exhibitions/Fairs

3, Cooperate with professional Sourcing companies
The professional Sourcing/purchasing company is familiar with the products what you need, and normally they only focused on certain field. They have full experience on price negotiation, sample development, production follow-up, and quality control. They will handle the whole procurement work in China on your behalf, providing one-stop service. Bling Sourcing can be a good partner that makes your import rain boots from China more safe and easy, and saves you a lot of money and time.

Chapter 5: Where are rain boots manufacturers located in China?

Most of the products produced in China have clusters/industry base, and rain boots also have their production cluster.

The PVC rain boots production cluster is mainly distributed in two provinces:
Jieyang City of Guangdong Province; Hangzhou, Jinhua City of Zhejiang Province
There are few manufactures located in Fujian Province

Rubber rain boots are mainly produced in Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province

EVA rain boots manufactures are mainly distributed in Jinjiang City of Fujian Province.

Tips: If you want wholesale cheap PVC rain boots, then you can choose Guangdong Province. If you want to purchase cheap rubber boots, then choose Zhejiang Province.

Chapter 6: What is the certification and quality standard for rain boots?

For rain boots, some countries require that shoes should be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. There are two main tests:

REACH in Europe
California 65 test in the United States

In addition, there are some physical tests that Asian customers often do, such as water resistance, adhesive force.
Another one is EN12568/ EN20345: the standard protection test for professional safety shoes.

Safety rain boots with steel cap

Chapter 7: What are the related products of rain boots?

There are many products related to rain boots, and these products can be sold to meet the various needs of customers. For example, when purchasing rain boots, customers may need sock liner, raincoats or umbrellas.

1, Sock Liner for Rain Boot, Boots Inner Stockings
Designed to fit inside the Rain Boot while adding comfort and warmth, it can be easily taken out when you don’t need to use.
Can be done with PVC or woven label for logo branding
Kids rain boots

2, Overshoes Shoes Cover, suggest with Silicone or PVC material, not disposable plastic shoe covers
This shoe cover is placed on the outside of the shoe, waterproof, mud-proof and can protect shoes without changing the shoes. More durable than disposable plastic shoe covers, recyclable, degradable, and reusable. At the same time, it is easy to carry, and easy to clean. Shoe number is generally sized like S, M, L, XL...
shoe cover waterproof- galoshes

3. Fashion socks
We mentioned in the beginning, about the fashion transparent rain boots, imagine that you are wearing different fashionable socks. Do you feel that you are wearing a new pair of shoes every day?
Transparent Crystal Women Rain Boots

4, Umbrella
material: Polyester, Nylon or PVC (like a transparent umbrella)

rain boot umbrella set

5 Raincoat
material: PVC, EVA, Nylon

In addition, you can also customize a series of products, such as rain boots/umbrella/ raincoat.


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