best products to import from China

13 Best products to import from China

Are you thinking of starting an importation business? Do you want to import goods from China but do not know the best products you can import?

China is one of the biggest markets in the world with several products being produced and exported to different countries.

A lot of people who want to buy goods from China often do not know the best products they can buy and the thoughts can sometimes be overwhelming.

From our several years of experience in the importation and exportation business and relationship with many manufacturers, we have been able to gather a list of the most imported goods from China and in this article.

we will be clarifying your doubts by providing you with a list of the best products to import from China.

What are the best products to import from China?

1. Home decoration and furniture

A lot of people love their homes to look cozy and stylish; as such home decors and furniture have become quite high in demand which makes it a profitable venture.

China is well known to produce innovative interior design products that make homes look luxurious.

With the need to upgrade the beauty of their homes people will quickly buy the products that will give their homes that extra beauty.

home decoration

2. Clothing and fashion accessories

Are fashion dealers and in need of quality products?

Then China should definitely be your stop to get trending outfits and accessories because there is a whole lot to pick from when it comes to clothes, fashion accessories and other clothing.

The clothing and fashion industry is one of the fields that keep having a high increase both in the production and the rate at which people buy.

People will always buy what is trending in the world of fashion but always make sure to check out the quality and material as they speak a lot of your brand.

fashion accessories

3. Outdoor and travel accessories

If you are considering importing from China, then outdoor and travel accessories are a niche you should explore.

People are increasingly developing a love for outdoor activities and going on vacation as it is a good way to take some time off to revitalize and let off some steam, bond with their family and loved ones.

Thus the need for outdoor and travel accessories is increasing and you can find lots of them at cheap prices which you can sell and make a good profit.

Some of the items in this category include; travel suitcases, bags, portable parachute fabric mosquito, waterproof travel carry protective pouch case, travel canvas backpack with USB charge port and many more.

travel accessories

4. Shoes and footwear

The good thing about importing from China is that you can import lots of goods at a go and at a good price depending on how much your goods weigh.

The shoes and footwear produced in China are very portable thus you can import many at once and apart from that, the prices are quite amazing but this is greatly influenced by the low taxes, low cost for materials and production.

There are actually many designs which you can choose from to sell and since there is always that need to look good, people will always buy. So if you are still in the process of analyzing ideas from which options you should choose from, will greatly recommend putting shoes and footwear on your list.

fashion shoes

5. Led lights

Looking at the interior design when it comes to homes and commercial areas, led lights have become quite popular in recent times.

They have a way of adding class to a room; produce less heat, and even shine brighter than regular bulbs.

So if you are looking for the best led lights; you will find beautiful and diverse brands of led lights in China which are quite durable.

led light

6. Electronic gadgets

The demand for electronic gadgets is quite high in the 21st century with new devices being released on a daily basis.

In China, you can never get disappointed when it comes to finding gadgets and there are lots of different alternatives to choose from.

Business owners can use drop shipping companies for their importation transactions. Some of the electronic gadgets you are most likely to find in this market include:
 • Novelty electronic items
   • Bluetooth Speakers
   • Earpods
   • Phone cover
   • Phone Glass Film Protection
   • Memory Cards / USB drive
   • Mobile phone holders for easy communication

phone acc

7. Computer and office equipment

When it comes to importation, dealing with computer and office equipment is another amazing product you should go for.

The world is drastically adapting to using computers in almost every transaction due to the internet thus its need is quite high.

Office equipment like printers, scanners, and keyboards will always be needed in every office. Finding suppliers who deal with original products in the markets will not be a difficult task.

office equipment

8. Children’s toys

Everyone knows how important toys are to kids, and how much they will adore having their favorite toys plus parents will do everything possible to put smiles on the faces of their kids.

So you can actually start a lucrative business in this industry. And as a tip, go for mostly educational toys as this will motivate parents to purchase what can help in the learning process of their kids.

children toy

9. Beauty products

Women naturally love looking good and the reason why the beauty industry is quite popular and a profitable field to try because women love shopping.

China’s market has loads of attractive and catchy beauty products that will definitely sell.
From makeup products, human hairs, synthetic hair weaves, eyelashes, wigs and more, you can find a niche and import at quite affordable prices from China.

So this is definitely a niche you should venture in especially if you want a quick turnover.


10. Car accessories

The car electronics is another lucrative line of business and amongst the best products, you can import if you want to start importing from China.

Driving is like a prerequisite in most European countries and more. As such people will always be in need of car accessories and trending gadgets.

If you to start importing products from China make sure to do your research and have a mastery of the industry you want to trade in so as to know the trending products that will sell.

car access

11. Pets accessories

Dealing with pets can be quite a productive field to indulge in and in China you can literary find the best pest accessories that will sell off quick. It is quite easy to find a pet in most homes around the world thus the need for pet accessories is on a high level.

But while importing it is important to conduct a research on what your target customers will love; this will give you a quick guide for you to exactly what to import from China but some of the trending products in this field include; pet mats, pet hoodies clothes, WIFI Pets GPS tracker which you can use to track your pet most especially when you are outdoors and many more.

People have different preferences especially with the young and older generation; so make sure you know the demographics of your target niche.

pet accessories

12. Kitchen equipment

One important area in every home is the kitchen and there is no kitchen that will be void of kitchen supplies and that is the reason why it is high in demand.

When it comes to kitchen supplies; you will get the best of them in China to import at affordable rates that can help you to sell and make some profit for your business.

You will definitely find a wide variety of kitchen supplies in the Chinese markets and always make sure to go for inevitable kitchen supplies like; coffee-tea makers, blenders, fruit vegetable blade herb scissors and many more.

kitchen appliance

13. Sport equipment

Are you a health and fitness trainer or a sports lover?

The health and fitness industry is amongst one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. People are becoming more conscious about their shape, weight, looks, what they eat and many more thus the demand for sports equipment has become extremely high.

Apart from keeping fit, they are some sports activities which are for leisure and we all know no one will hesitate to go for things that can help them unwind.

China actually has a wide variety of sports equipment no matter the type of sports activities that your target market loves and it is absolutely amongst one of the finest products to import from China.
We are always here to help

sport acessories


Do you want to start importing products from China right now? I hope this article gives you a clue about which products you can go for.
If you have any problem, doubts or confusion after reading this article, please leave a comment or message and we will try our best to clarify any of your doubts.

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