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Hello friends,

You probably know me as the founder of Bling Sourcing but may not know why we created her. This page will give you a glimpse into my world so that you can know more about me.

At 22, I have worked two years while I made a decision to go back to the university and study Business English although a lot of relatives and friends discouraged me.

When studying at the university, I was lucky enough to have a part-time job at Canton Fair, where I worked as an interpreter. This part-time job stirred my career in International trade and gave me the zeal to pursue my dreams.


I worked at the Chilean Procurement office in China for some years after I graduated and later on got another job at the South American trading company.

During these 10 years, as a buyer agent, I have attended almost every session of the Canton Fair. I have traveled to different provinces and factories with customers and checked out their production quality.

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My extensive experience as a buyer agent who well learns that buyers often encounter challenges as follows:

  • Being defrauded and suffer great losses
  • Being neglected because of small and medium order
  • Difficult to communicate with some Chinese suppliers
  • Cost much time to contact different suppliers
  • Quality can’t be guaranteed
  • Goods can’t be delivered as promised
  • Poor after-sale service

For these bad buying experience, they need someone who can trust to help control everything in China. I found this is an opportunity also is a challenge for me.

I decided to resign from my job and start my company which mainly focused on small-medium customers as a China sourcing agent. As usual, my friends and relatives discouraged me with the idea that entrepreneurship is a quite difficult process full of uncertainty. I stood my grounds and started my business in 2017.

You can imagine how hard of the beginning: Complex management of the supply chain, the customer’s incomprehension...all kinds of trouble.

Time flies! My company has grown and amongst one of the most reputable brands for those who seek professional sourcing agents in China.

In 2018, we bought our own office in the city with over 120 square meters and our team members have grown from 2 to 10. It's a pleasure to tell you that have 10+ well-known brands have chosen us.

Blingsourcing team

This is my story and I hope you enjoyed it. Have you encountered any problems in purchasing from China? Are you eager to create your own brand/company?  Welcome to sharing your story with me.

Let me help you connect with the best suppliers in China



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